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Akindale Farm: The Big Names

Published Teresa Genaro's The Brooklyn Backstretch

By Teresa Genaro

Akindale Farm gained national attention in 2008, when it became home to fan favorite Evening Attire. The folks at Akindale had long been committed to Thoroughbred aftercare; Akindale founder John Hettinger establishedBlue Horse Charities in 2001 to help fund Thoroughbred retirement, and the rescue part of the farm was founded in 2006.

But until Evening Attire’s arrival, Akindale was not known for accepting famous racehorses to live out their days on the farm in Pawling, New York; it was dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-training horses that could no longer race. Evening Attire was, when he arrived, a fortunate exception. READ MORE...