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Evening Attire

Evening Attire and Tacticianor, happy at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue


By Barbara Livingston


As Saratoga prepares for mid-90 temperatures, racing fans countrywide try to beat the heat.  For fun, enjoy some cool photos of the beloved fan favorite Evening Attire and his half-brother Tacticianor ambling through knee-deep snow at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue this past winter.  Special thanks to the great folk at Akindale, including Erin Pfister, Karin Millard and Stephanie Cowser, for helping out! READ MORE...

Akindale Farm: The Big Names

Published Teresa Genaro's The Brooklyn Backstretch

By Teresa Genaro

Akindale Farm gained national attention in 2008, when it became home to fan favorite Evening Attire. The folks at Akindale had long been committed to Thoroughbred aftercare; Akindale founder John Hettinger establishedBlue Horse Charities in 2001 to help fund Thoroughbred retirement, and the rescue part of the farm was founded in 2006.

But until Evening Attire’s arrival, Akindale was not known for accepting famous racehorses to live out their days on the farm in Pawling, New York; it was dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-training horses that could no longer race. Evening Attire was, when he arrived, a fortunate exception. READ MORE...

Evening Attire: Working Class Hero


By John Pricci 


Saratoga Springs, NY, January 16, 2009--His biggest win might have come in the Jockey Club Gold Cup of 2002, and his last victory in the mile and a half Greenwood Cup at Philadelphia Park in record time, but if Evening Attire ever had to report to work daily like many of us do, he would surely arrive carrying a lunch bucket.

No modern fancy-pants of a race horse would ever think about getting the job done at age 10; he would have been retired and munching on alfalfa a long time ago. But not Evening Attire.

Actually, the old man tried retiring once before, but his A-type personality wouldn’t allow it. In fact, if he didn’t get back to work he probably would have hurt himself trying to stay active. Ultimately, a suspensory injury would force him to the sidelines late last year. READ MORE...