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How to Adopt

Thank you for inquiring about adopting a retired Thoroughbred racehorse from Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue.  Please read and complete the application, sign the Placement Agreement and return them to the address below.  We advise that you keep a copy of these documents for your future reference.  Please include a check for $15.00 to help defray the postage and administrative expenses with your application.

Included with this packet is a sample veterinary report form for you to keep for future reference.  This is a mandatory vet check form that will be provided for your veterinarian to fill out at the beginning of each year.  This is our way of insuring that each horse we place is healthy and happy.  

We require an adoption fee/donation with each horse.  This fee will vary depending on the rehabilitation and retraining each horse has received. This fee typically starts at $500. The actual amount of the adoption fee/donation is based on the amount of care and retraining time ATBR has invested in each horse prior to adoption and does vary from horse to horse.  The adoption fee/donation is NON-REFUNDABLE and will only be accepted in the form of a certified check, money order or cash. Transporting the horse you adopt will be your responsibility.

Please read the Placement Agreement carefully.  It is designed to protect the horse so ATBR is assured of its proper care and location.  A representative from ATBR may personally visit your stabling site as well.  We require that you have stabling where other horses live or that you have a companion animal for the horse you are adopting.  We hope that each placement is a permanent one; however, if for some reason you are unable to continue to provide a home for your horse, we request thirty days notice to arrange for its care.  Transportation back to the approved facility will also be the responsibility of the returning party.  It is required that all horses arrive with a current negative Coggins test.

The pdf forms below must be completed and returned before we begin to look for your horse.  Please allow us the time needed to coordinate a proper match.  The waiting time could be a month or longer.  We will only offer you a horse that fits your requirements.  The number of horses available for adoption varies from time to time, so please be patient, the right horse will come along.  We look forward to finding the horse you desire!

Please click here for our application. 

Thank You,
Adoption Coordinator
Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue 



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