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Secret Cape

16:1 hh chesnut gelding born May 20, 2015

(Cape Blanca-Secret of Front, by Saint Ballado)

8 starts, earned $3,850, last race. 10/19/2018

Located in Pawling, NY

Cape is definitely one of the barn favorites. He is the sweetest guy on the ground and just as sweet to ride. If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy this is the one. He is lightly started on the flat and has had his first jump school! He would make a great all around prospect for any discipline! Best suited for a good amateur or young rider to bring along. Cape has no limitations for a second career.


My Pal Jerry

Chestnut gelding born May 14, 2014 (Even The Score - In The Green by Mt. Livermore

21 starts, earned $46,535, last raced 9/28/2018

Located in Salley, South Carolina

2019 RRP Participant!!!! Our Trainer Heather Carlson took Jerry to the Thoroughbred Makeover and we could not be more proud!!! Jerry was a true gentlemen, from start to finish, traveled well, took in all the sights but never put a foot out of line, he took it all in, put his best foot forward and put in two lovely dressage tests. Jerry has no limitations for a second career and shows potential to be a very talented jumper. Jerry came to us from Beyond The Wire.


Wishing Power

16 hh Chestnut mare born March 7, 2015 (Flatter-Magical Cat, by Giant’s Causeway)

1 start, earned $232, last race 4/8/2018

Located in Pawling, NY

Wish is a very, very sweet liver Chestnut mare, and there is nothing chesnut or marish about her. Wish is a lovely mover, would be a great hunter prospect, she is going lovely on the flat and has really taken to jumping. Very quiet and could be brought along by someone in a program. She is a great all around prospect and has no limitations for a second career!


Change is Coming

15.3 Bay Gelding born April 22, 2015 (Friesan Fire - Courage To Change by Two Punch)

7 starts, earned $19,027, last raced 8/24/18

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Change is a beauty. Change had a minor knee chip removed and has no limitations for a second career. Super easy and quiet to ride, change could easily be brought along by an amateur or a talented young rider with little help from a professional. Green but willing, great brain! Has been out on a short hack and lead or followed. Might make a nice hunt horse. He came to us from Beyond The Wire.

February 2019

October 2019

Smart Russian

16 hh chesnut gelding born March 16,2013 (Smarty Jones-Russian Classic by Regal Classic)

36 starts: 4 first, 1 second, 5 thirds, earned $83,370, last race 6/5/2019

Located in Pawling, NY


Russian is a very sweet boy, whose heart is bigger than his body. Super willing and very smart! We are really excited to watch this guy progress! Video coming soon!


Aoja aka Joey

15.2 h bay gelding born March 20, 2006

(Lion Heart-Mandy Jud, by Judge T C)

52 starts: 6 first, 5 seconds, 12 thirds, earned $98,940, last race 11/3/2012

Located Pawling NY

Joey’s kids have gone off to college and he is not ready to retire! So we are trying to find him a new family to love. Joey is easy to ride, prefers to live outside, jumps small courses, trails in a group or alone, is the same horse at home as he is at shows. Joey is reaching an age where he will most likely start to need some maintenance but his wisdom and gentle nature are well worth it! Joey is perfect for a child or a family or a small adult!

Sky Above

17hh bay Gelding born February 9, 2009

(Artie Schiller-Sky, by Menifee)

24 starts: 7 first, 4 seconds, 2 thirds, earned $155,901, last race 12/2/2017

located in Pawling NY

Sky is a gentle giant! He does have an old knee injury which will keep him limited to flat work and trails. We are starting to take him out and see how he feels about being one with nature!

More info to come as his training progresses!


Mo Fuzzycat

15:3 hh bay mare born April 20,2009

(Tale of the Cat-Gulch Girl by Gulch)

3 starts, earned $1056, last race 3/16/2012

Located in Pawling, NY

Mo raced, but not impressively, she spent a few years as a brood mare, and later found herself in tough times, her original owner found out and stepped in to help! He got her to us and we have spent a year getting her ready to take on her next chapter in life! Mo is one of the easiest mares you’ll ever meet. Super super quiet and loves to be doted on! Video coming soon!


Thatza Prankster

16 hh bay mare born May 4, 2016 (Into MIschief-Thatza Wrap, by Hard Spun)

1 start, earned $620, last race 10/21/2018

Located in Pawling, NY

Prankster is anything, but that. She is a complete sweet heart who is incredibly mature for her age! She has no known injuries and is currently going walk / trot / canter and will start jumping. She is a great all around prospect, but would excel in eventing! Needs a good YR/AA to bring along as she is only 3.


She’s Got Sugar

16:3 hh grey mare born February 25, 2017 (Cairo Prince - Ravionetta by Touch Gold)

2 starts, earned $540, last raced 6/29/2019

Located in Pawling, NY

Eclipse is an exceptionally sweet mare who has had minor bone chips removed. She is expected to have to limitations and will be kept to do the 2020 RRP TB makeover with our trainer Monique! Stay tuned to watch their progress!



15:3 hh bay gelding born April 13, 2014 (Outflanker - Rock’n with Mary, by Deputed Testmony)

14 Starts: 1 second, 1 third, earned $19,635

Located in Salley, SC

Sofranko is a super talented guy with a puppy dog disposition. He will stay with our trainer Heather to do the 2020 RRP TB Makeover! Stay tuned to watch their progress!



ADOPTED! Ride the Lights

15:3 hh bay gelding born March 12, 2016 (Candy Ride-La Boheme, by Giant’s Causeway)

0 starts

Located in Pawling, NY

Ride is a super cute, very sweet guy who has just been adopted out. We are so excited to see where his future takes him as he is incredibly talented!

ADOPTED! Not Amused

16 hand Bay Mare born February 24, 2013 (Justenuffhumor - Flap Pin by Personal Flag)

10 starts, earned $10,239, last raced 1/16/2017

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Not Amused is a very sweet and personable mare. She is great on the trails and is learning to go on the bit in her flat work. Due to an old injury she should be limited in jumping. She would be a nice candidate for flat work, or some hunter pacing or an awesome trail companion!

ADOPTED! Mo Money Monica

15.3 Bay Mare born April 5, 2015 ( Bluegrass Cat - Russian Classic by Regal Classic)

7 starts, earned $15,865, last raced 7/21/2018

RRP Eligible

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Monica has had some down time and just started into work. She is a sweet mare who the more time you spend with her the happier she is. She is a pretty girl with a kind of lazy disposition. We are working her in hand and have sat on her 4 times as of November 16th. We will keep her rides under the allowed RRP guidelines.

ADOPTED! Celtic Ruler

15.2 hand bay gelding born March 16, 2014 (Louis Quatorze-Celtic Music, by Yarrow Brae)

10 starts, earned $29,487, last raced 12/23/2017

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Celtic is currently walk, trot, cantering and jumping cross rails.. He is a good mover and a sweet horse. He is cleared for any discipline. He did fracture his withers at some point in his life but has been x-rayed and looked at by a chiropractor and shows no signs of it bothering him. He has been under saddle for 5 months and is learning to accept the bit. He is suitable for an intermediate rider. He came to us from Beyond The Wire.

ADOPTED! Crush Davis

16.2 hand bay gelding born May 12, 2015 (Tizway-Twining and Dining, by Twining)

0 Starts

Located in Pawling, NY.

Crush is a very personable guy. He loves attention and is always the first one at the gate to greet me. He is going well on the flat although does miss getting the correct lead on occasion . He has not started jumping yet but he willingly goes over rails on the ground. He has gone on a trail ride and was very well behaved. He came through Beyond The Wire. He has two old, set, cold bows on his front legs. He has been in work since May with no issues at all. He is a nice big gelding that would be suitable for any discipline. Due to his laid back nature he would also be fine for an amateur to bring along with a little help.


Bay Mare born 2016

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Betsy is an eye catcher. She is a pretty bay with some chrome. She has been restarted walk, trot canter and as you can see from her video has some serious potential. This is a fancy lady!

ADOPTED! Harlan’s Trumpet

15.3 Bay Gelding born March 28th, 2012 (Harlan’s Holiday - Song of Sixpense by Unbridled Song)

13 starts, earned $26,017, last raced 9/23/16

Located in Salley, South Carolina

Harlans Trumpet is a 7 year old gelding that is ready to go out and start showing! Harlan ran 13 times earning $26,017. He has an old set bow and has no limitations for a second career. He goes beautifully on the bit, jumps small courses and has been out cross country schooling! He is ready to start the season with his new person! He is also a horse of a different color and changes with the seasons with the best tail you will ever see!


Love My Freedom

16.2 Bay Gelding born March 31, 2015 (Freedom Child - Baby Love by Not For Love

1 start, last raced 10/7/2017

Located in Sally, South Carolina.

Love My Freedom is a beautiful horse with awesome gaits. Very well balanced. He is being ridden on the flat and going over rails on the ground. He had chips removed from his fetlock but has been cleared for work and is sound. He is a 3 year old and can be fresh at time so is best suited to an experienced rider or a less experienced rider who is in a program with a professional. He came to us from Beyond The Wire.


Polly's Passion

16 hand bay mare born April 12, 2013 (Cosmonaut-Ionika, by Steinlen)

16 starts, earned $10,298, last raced 10/22/2016

Located in Sally, South Carolina.

Polly is a 16 hand, 2013 OTTB. This fun mare has started her retraining and could go in any direction! Polly does walk/trot/canter, and has no limitations on a future career. Suitable for a confident amateur or young rider as a project horse.


Redeeming Factor

15.2 hand bay mare born February 24, 2014

(Redeemed-Sadler’s Sarah, by Wayne County )

3 starts, earned $3,654 last raced 6/10/2017

Located in South Carolina.

Redeeming Factor. Redeeming Factor is a 15.2 hand 4 year old bay TB mare who has started her retraining and does walk/trot/canter under saddle. This mare has good looks and a friendly personality, and is willing to work. Redeeming Factor is a fun ride, and has tons of potential. Suitable for a confident amateur to work with.




I'll Call

16.2 hand bay gelding born April 27, 2010 (Smart Strike-Recording, by Dazig)

32 starts, earned $218,011, last raced 10/28/2017

Located in South Carolina.

I’ll Call is a really nice big bodied gelding. He is currently walk, trot canter and going over rails on the ground. He does have a little bit of a hard time still getting the correct lead to the left. He will do a flying change onto that lead though. He is cleared for any discipline. He is super quiet and easy to be around.


Inner Fire

16.3 hand bay gelding born May 3, 2013 (Fresian Fire-Innerlifeofobjects, by Not for Love)

11 starts, earned $39,957, last raced 4/15/2017

Located in South Carolina.

Inner Fire is a super nice big boy. He is going well under saddle. Learning quickly to accept the bit and go in a nice frame. He is still green but willing to try anything. He is cleared for jumping. He is a roarer but does not make a lot of noise when he goes. He is a good mover and likes attention. He is suitable for an intermediate rider.



17:1 hand bay gelding born May 1, 2013 (Colonel John-No Reason, by Precise End)

4 starts, earned $1,528, last raced 9/22/17

More info to come. 



Eye Catcher

16:1 hh grey gelding born May 7th, 2014 (First Defence-Paying Off, by Malibu Moon)

No starts

More info to come.

Wild Poison

15:3 hand bay dark bay gelding born February 2nd, 2014 (Thunder Moccasin-Queens Are Wild, by Wild Zone)

19 starts, 2 wins, earned $33,870, last raced 10/21/2017

More info to come.