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running made easy


Dark bay gelding, born March 4, 2007. (Wild West -- Warta, by Danzig)

12 starts, earned $2,612, last raced 2013

Today's story is about Running Made Easy aka Slim and his mom Brie. Brie writes: 

"When I started writing this I had to remind myself of the horse that I got a little over a year ago. They had told me how he had to bribed out of his stall (he was afraid of the doors) and that he was very shy. When I first met Slim, "Running Made Easy," all I saw were the big inquisitive ears, sweet eyes and these huuuge shoulders that I instantly knew were made to be galloping cross country. He was so quiet and shy--when he got home it took him a while to come out of his shell and we took our time bringing him into work, yet every new challenge he met with honest, eager curiosity. This past year has honestly been one of the most fun years of my thirty-year riding experience. Training and competing Slim reminded me why I love this sport. He seemed to throughly enjoy everything we did and has grown into a total ham. Slim is also a total pet, there are required cuddle sessions everyday before/during/after work. He also fully adopted my dog as "his" dog. His best friend is a fellow Akindale alum, the two were able to go to most of the competitions this past year together. I was lucky enough to get Slim to several competitions this year and he successfully completed several beginner novice and novice levels. I'm looking forward to what the future holds for the two of us and am so grateful to have such an amazing creature in my life now. I cannot thank the wonderful team at Akindale enough for bringing Slim into my life!l"