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15.3 bay gelding, born March 23, 2010

Raced 12 times, 2 wins, earned $50,761, last raced 1/16/2014

Scolfield was adopted from us at the end of July and is doing great! Here is a little update from his Mom:

"He is--without question--the nicest young horse that I've had the pleasure to re-school for the hunter/jumper world. All in all, while he's playful on ground while being tacked up (he seems to truly enjoy being 'held accountable,' actually,) he's been all-business in the ring with only a couple minor 'baby moments.' In fact, Scofield is also the barn favorite of our grounds manager, David, who calls him 'noble' and appreciates how good he is for turn-out and for mucking."

Photos by Colin McNamara