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the village vicar


Born May 6, 2003 (Vicar -- Buzz Buzz Buzz, by Well Decorated) 

Raced 35 times, 6 firsts, earned $222,684

The Village Vicar was a stallion in a direct to kill pen. He arrived with a sticker on both of his hips that took months to finally peel off. The stickers were meant to be permanent and never come off.

A note from Diana Baker who was involved in the saving of this beautiful boy:

"I got a call about a beautiful black stallion who had earned $222,000 on the track and was at a dealer's and headed to slaughter. I asked them to make sure he didn't ship. I said I'd find a way to save him. It was right around Barbaro's birthday so I was able to rally some support and get funds together to save him in memory of Barbaro. I had no place to send him but was able to get him quarantined, with a lot of help, of course. And then an angel in New York agreed to take him."

The Village Vicar aka Vic is living in North Salem and loving life. He belongs to a great family and has his own girl to give him all the attention he needs and deserves. He loves to jump and has a permanent future instead of being put on a truck and heading across the border.