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what's your wish


Bay gelding, born April 2, 1998 (Metfield -- Debutante's Wish, by Raised Socially)

63 starts, 11 wins, graded stakes placed. 

I think of this story a lot and I still get tears thinking of it. We have met so many special people through the years and many of them have become close friends to us. Beverly Searle Strauss was a huge contributor to why we are here. She would talk with Mr Hettinger and they together would save many horses a week from New Holland (a huge kill auction in PA).

What's Your Wish was one of the saves. Bev had to leave him behind that Monday and it haunted her. The next day she called the kill buyer and brought Wish to Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue for a few days until he could get shipped to New York. Wish was with us for about a year. Bev would always check on him. She felt an instant connection with him and he was always on her mind. She had found a home for one of her personal horses and this meant she had a space available for the love of her life What's Your Wish! She called me up and we sent him home to her. They have competed a lot but now Wish just hangs at Bev's place and loves getting the gold treatment he so deserves. He is busy keeping the other horses in line and takes his job seriously!